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Our prime directive is to do everything within our power to bring our POW/MIA Brothers home and to insist that our government provide accountability for each of these patriots.

About The Vietnam Vets

Becoming a member of the Vietnam Vets / Legacy Vets MC and our unique Brotherhood takes a process. It starts with only one initial requirement: verification of Veteran status (DD 214).

A select group of men that meet these standards will be invited to hang around and participate as a guest in club runs and events. After a reasonable time and if they share our common interests, they'll progress to the prospecting stage.

The purpose of prospecting is to enable the Brothers  and the prospective member to get to know each other. It ensures that they'll be shown what is required to wear the patch and be called a Brother. It also gives the Vietnam Vets / Legacy Vets MC Brothers a chance to see if the prospective member will represent our Brotherhood and Club with honor and respect. As in every relationship, there is a time of discovery. We are no different. To become a Brother it takes time and effort and we only want the most dedicated men.

The Vietnam Vets / Legacy Vets MC is a unique body of men. We all give 100% to our Club and to our Brothers. We have NO class system. Society's distinctions, which are based on education, vocation or financial status have NO relevance to our Brotherhood.

We pledge to always be there for our Brothers in need.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Vietnam Vets / Legacy Vets MC and are willing to dedicate yourself to our cause, our Club and most of all our Brotherhood, please feel free to contact any VNV/LV MC member.  You can also go to contact us link and find the state and city closest to you.