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Honor the Flag website and accompanying videos have been developed with the primary purpose of honoring our military. Proceeds go to veterans benefits, Please visit our website below


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The purpose of this information guide is to provide the members of the Motorcycle community with information that will assist in bringing and maintaining a peaceful and respectful understanding between members of motorcycling organizations that share the roadways.
Motorcycle Club, Riding Club Education

Helmet Laws in all 50 States.
Helmet Laws - 50 States

State to State Permit Laws CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) Acceptance.
State to State CCW Acceptance

Our Primarey Misstion POW/MIA Important Links
You are not forgotan

POW/MIA Links History and Facts, Information and Supporter’s

DPAA Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency Find Recently Accounted-For and Statistics on POW/MIA's
Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency
The National League of POW/MIA Families The National League of POW/MIA Families Founded the POW/MIA Flag and started the fight
to hold the government responsible to bring our unaccounted from the Vietnam War home.
The National Alliance of Families The National Alliance of Families spit off from the National League of POW/MIA Families
with some very interesting other points of views with the same purpose, just a bit more aggressive.
Honor Release Return, Inc. Working for the repatriation of live American Prisoners of War in any form of captivity world-wide.
Another very interesting point of view.
Rolling Thunder, Inc Rolling Thunder demonstration will not stop, until ALL POW/MIA's ARE ACCOUNTED FOR
Joint Task Force--Full Accounting (JTF-FA) Joint Task Force--Full Accounting" was to expand U.S. Government efforts to achieve the fullest
possible accounting for Americans who did not return from the war in Southeast Asia.
Vietnam Veterans Home Page To honor Vietnam Veterans, living and dead, who served their country on either side of the conflict.
The Authentication of the Quang 1205 Document Was there really 1205 Vietnam POWs or was March 1973 Paris Peace Accords 591 POWs all?
The Virtual Wall View Vietnam War casualties by state, name or city. Very well done website
A list of all casualties in all American Wars This article lists the United States of America's military dead, wounded, and missing person totals for wars and major deployments.
Patriot Guard Riders "Standing For Those Who Stood For Us"

Below are web-sites that provide information on Veterans benefits and how to file/ask for them. Accordingly, there are many sites that explain how to obtain books, military/medical records, information and how to appeal a denied claim with the VA. Please pass this information on to every Veteran you know. Nearly 100% of this information is free and available for all veterans, the only catch is: you have to ask for it, because they won't tell you about a specific benefit unless you ask for it. You need to know what questions to ask so the right doors open for you and then be ready to have an advocate who is willing to work with and for you, stay in the process, and press for your rights and your best interests.

Center for Minority Veterans
Center for Women Veterans
Compensation for Disabilities associated with Gulf War Service
Compensation Rate Tables, 12-1-03
Department of Veterans Affairs Home Page
Directory of Veterans Service Organizations
Disability Examination Worksheets Index,
Due Process
Duty to Assist
Forms and Records Request
Geriatrics and Extended Care
Guideline for Chronic Pain and Fatigue MUS-CPG
Homeless Veterans
HSR&D Home
M21-1 Table of Contents
Make the Connection - PTSD Support
Mental Disorders, Schedule of Ratings
Mental Health Program Guidelines
My Health e Vet
National Association of State Directors
Neurological Conditions and Convulsive Disorders, Schedule of Ratings
Policy Manual Index
Prosthetics Eligibility
Publications Manuals
U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
VA Best Practice Manual for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
VA Loan Lending Limits and Jumbo Loans
VA National Hepatitis C Program
VA Trainee Pocket Card on Gulf War
Vet Center Eligibility - Readjustment Counseling Service
Veterans Benefits Administration Main Web Page
Veterans Legal and Benefits Information
VHA Forms, Publications, Manuals
VHA Public Health Strategic Health Care Group Home Page http: //
Vocational Rehabilitation
VONAPP online
WARMS - 38 CFR Book C
Wartime Disability Compensation
War-Related Illness and Injury Study Center - New Jersey Guide to Veteran Education Benefits
Welcome to the GI Bill Web Site
Asbestos exposure organization devoted to assisting veterans with mesothelioma
Career Resources for Veterans
Honor the Flag website and accompanying videos have been developed with the primary purpose of honoring our military proceeds go to veterans benefits

United States Navy official Contacts for Burial at Sea
different port locations.
Also Basic Information on Bureal at Sea. below links:

United States Navy Mortuary Affais Burial At Sea Program
Navy Members Dependents - Burial at Sea Entitlement U.S.Navy Burial At Sea
Navy Personnel Command Burial At Sea







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